Technical Papers

Titan is pleased to work with post-secondary academia on research and development initiatives benefiting the engineering community. The following are technical papers and research articles developed in conjunction with our partners, which have been published in industry publications, and presented at industry conferences.

Research & Innovation Projects

  • Development of a resuspension/filtration process for sediment remediation: Concordia University, Montreal QC – NSERC  Alliance Grants ( 3 years duration)
  • Improving the performance of ground-supported slabs subjected to extreme environmental conditions using rigid high strength fiberglass geogrids: McGill University, Montreal QC – NSERC/ Alliance/ Mitacs ( 3 years duration)
  • Wicking and reinforcing behavior of a novel wicking nonwoven geotextile – geogrid composite: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB – NSERC Alliance Grants (3 years duration)
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Innovative-Geosynthetic-Stabilized Unpaved Roads: Univerisity of Victoria, Victoria BC –  NSERC Alliance/ Mitacs (3 year duration)
  • Long-term performance of bituminous geomembranes (BGM)  for waste containment and mining applications: Queens Univerisity, Kingston ON – NSERC – MITACS Alliance Grants (ALLRP) (3 years)
  • Evaluation of geosynthetic reinforced pavements by field and laboratory testing: University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON – NSERC Alliance grants  ( 3 years duration )
  • Mitigating gas emissions from permafrost via the concrete-filled geosynthetic technology: Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal QC – NSERC MITACS Alliance Grants  (3 years duration )
  • Improved and sustainable design of railway embankments in Canadian cold climate: McGill University Montreal, QC – NSERC Alliance Grants (ALLRP)  ( 3 years duration )
  • Beyond Traditional Drainage: Investigating the Potential Use of Nonwoven Wicking Geotextiles to Enhance the Stability and Resilience of Transportation Embankments: McGill University Montreal, QC – NSERC Alliance Grants (ALLRP) (3 years duration)

Technical Papers & Research Articles