Quality Sourcing and Expertise

Quality is important to Titan. We choose to work with the best suppliers in the industry. Our product lines include several types of geomembranes for environmental lining and containment needs; geotextiles for soil filtration; geogrids for soil reinforcement, erosion and sediment control products, secondary containment systems for environmental protection needs, liquid & dry bulk material storage tanks, as well as water drainage and control products.


Environmental Containment

Environmental containment is the process of keeping hazardous liquids and gases controlled or within limits to prevent them from being absorbed into soil or air.

Soil Separation & Filtration

Geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering projects typically involve an assessment of soil characteristics. Most often, synthetic products are used to help make soils more suitable for construction.

Soil Reinforcement & Stabilization

Soil conditions and properties are important considerations in the design of infrastructure construction projects.

Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt reinforcement is critical to preventing a variety of stresses that asphalt concrete pavements (ACP) are subject to during their life cycle.

Concrete Reinforcement & Lining

Both concrete reinforcement and lining products help maintain the integrity and life of concrete structures. While reinforcement strengthens and allows concrete to hold more weight over more time, lining helps prevent disintegration of concrete when in contact with corrosive substances.

MSE Wall & Slope Systems

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and slopes are composite structures consisting of alternating layers of compacted aggregate backfill and geosynthetic reinforcement working as a system to create a stable earthen wall structure.

Stormwater Management

With increased urbanization, stormwater runoff and its impact on urban and rural development is a trending concern.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion control is essential when planning construction projects where earthen structures are at risk of threat from water action such as run-off or flow causing the soil to wear away.

Water Control & Drainage

Water Control involves controlling the direction or rate of flow of water. Water Drainage is the process of removing excess water by flowing away into pipes or into the ground.

Dewatering & Desludging

Dewatering and desludging are two common practices in infrastructure construction projects.

Specialty Fabrication Products

With an established fabrication facility and extensive stock of materials, we offer specialty fabrication products to complement custom fabrication needs.