Environmental Containment

Environmental Containment

Environmental containment is the process of keeping hazardous liquids and gases controlled or within limits to prevent them from being absorbed into soil or air. This typically includes an earthen cell, or a built system lined or covered with an impermeable liner known as a geomembrane. Geomembranes act as essential barriers to protect underlying soil from being contaminated by harmful liquids and can also act as a barrier between liquid and air to control emission of gasses that can harm air quality. Environmental containment products like geomembranes, secondary containment systems and spill berms ensure proper protection of the environment in a wide range of construction projects.

Common uses for environmental containment products:

  • Landfill cell liners and caps
  • Wastewater lagoon liners and floating covers
  • Processing pond liners and floating covers
  • Bund & berm liners
  • Spill containment berm liners
  • Secondary containment systems
  • Secondary containment liners

Whether your project needs protective geomembrane liners or covers, secondary containment systems or spill berms Titan has your environmental containment needs covered!


Geomembranes are impermeable membranes used in conjunction with rocks or earth to block fluid migration in man-made structures.

Fabricated Geomembrane Panels

Save time and money. Our fabricated geomembrane panels eliminate on-site seaming and reduce installation time and overall costs!

Spill Containment Berm

Our TITAN TRAP drive-on spill containment berms offer the ideal solution for soil contamination protection from hazardous oil and gas spills during heavy equipment servicing.

CC Hydro™

Titan is proud to offer CC Hydro™ Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Barrier (GCCB), the world’s first all-in-one armoured impermeable liner for containment applications.

Secondary Containment Systems

We offer an easy to install system for permanent secondary containment of oil & gas and/or chemicals, or temporary primary containment of contaminated soils or slurry.