Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management


Stormwater Management addresses the impact of stormwater runoff on urban and rural development. It is an important consideration for projects where there are needs related to water detention and infiltration, flood mitigation, and rainwater drainage.

With increased urbanization, underground stormwater systems are highly effective at managing stormwater runoff. These systems are designed to capture and store stormwater underground, allowing it to slowly filter into the ground over time. This helps to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff that enters streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, which can help to reduce flooding and erosion. In addition, underground systems can be designed to filter out pollutants and other contaminants, which can help to improve water quality.

These underground stormwater management systems are installed below ground under parking lots, roads, playgrounds, and other facilities that require water distribution and infiltration solutions along with the proficiency to control peak flow rate and water quality control. Compared to conventional stormwater management systems, like above-ground retention ponds and swales, underground stormwater management systems allow for more efficient use of space which is beneficial in urban areas where land is at a premium.  They also offer sustainability benefits by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff that enters streams, rivers, and other bodies of water.  By capturing and storing the water, underground systems help to promote groundwater recharge and reduce the risk of water shortages during periods of drought, protecting water resources.

Stormwater Management Solutions

Stormwater management is site-specific, and no single solution can be recommended. Detail and precision are imperative to the planning, designing, and construction phases.

Titan offers various underground stormwater management solutions with design consultation, so your site and investment are protected.


StormTech® Arch Chambers

StormTech® underground chambers are available in various sizes making it suitable for major commercial construction site drainage requirements.


StormTank® Modules

StormTank is a subsurface stormwater storage unit used to regulate stormwater flow and provide large-volume storage.


FlexStorm Pure™ Inlet Filter

FlexStorm Pure™ is designed for long-term inlet protection and stormwater runoff management.


BayFilter™ Purification Filter

BayFilter™ is the highest-quality stormwater purification filter currently available.

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