Geogrid products by Titan include the very latest technology in biaxial and uniaxial geogrids. Designed and manufactured in-house at ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities our line of soil reinforcement & stabilization geogrids and asphalt reinforcement geogrids consistently meets demanding QA/QC requirements and are continuously tested to rigorous ASTM standards both in-house and by leading independent geosynthetics laboratories in North America. All of our geogrid products are CE-certificate, ensuring our ongoing compliance with globally recognized standards for health and safety, production control and quality management.

Integrating our knowledge of materials, application technologies, geotechnical design techniques, and installation you can rely on Titan soil reinforcement & stabilization geogrid solutions to help solve the most complex geotechnical and civil infrastructure challenges. We pride ourselves on providing geogrid products that offer the soundest structural integrity and long-term reliability in the industry.

All our geogrid solutions are backed by comprehensive engineering and specialized technical support. Using the latest and advanced design software, we work with engineers and consultants all over the world and are happy to provide complimentary application specific preliminary designs. We can also provide detailed designing and working calculations including construction drawings, and crucial specification and installation details. Here is a brief look at the applications for each of our geogrid solutions:

Titan Earth Grid™

(Biaxial geogrid)

designed to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils.

Spartan Road Grid™

(Biaxial geogrid)

designed as an interlayer for asphalt reinforcement to enhance pavement life and performance while helping to reduce project and maintenance costs.

Mine-Shield Grid™

(Biaxial geogrid)

designed as a load bearing alternative to steel/metal mesh used in mine tunnel roofs and ribs in for soft and hard rock mining applications.

Swamp Grid™

(Biaxial geogrid composite)

designed as an advanced combination product consisting of our Titan Earth Gird™ heat-bonded to a long-fiber PET nonwoven geotextile. This product offers an all-in-one solution for soil reinforcement with added soil filtration, soil separation, and sub-base drainage performance.

Pyramid Grid™

(Uniaxial geogrid)

designed to improve structural stability for vertical soil structures such as retaining walls, MSE walls and slopes.

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