Underground Mine Reinforcement Geogrid – Mine-Shield Grid™

Mine-Shield Grid™

Mine Tunnel Reinforcement Geogrid

Titan is taking mining innovation to the next level with Mine-Shield Grid™,  an advanced line of high strength polymer biaxial geogrid developed as a load bearing alternative to steel/metal mesh for soft and hard rock underground mining applications. Tested in world-leading mining laboratories in Australia, Mine-Shield Grid™ has been proven to outperform conventional steel and metal mesh solutions.  It is designed to be lighter and comes in two types of materials, polyester, and polypropylene, each having unique characteristics and uses.  One is ideal for mine tunnel roofs, while the other is tailored to mine ribs/walls. In addition to the performance and safety benefits of Mine-Shield Grid™ a key feature of this product includes its customization.  It can be produced to specific roll lengths, widths, and grid aperture/opening sizes without compromising its structural integrity.

Mine-Shield Grid™ Roof

  • Flame retardant and anti-static coating (FRAS).
  • Corrosion resistant, and chemically and biologically inert.
  • Forms to substrate.
  • Available in ultra-high tensile strength up to 1000X1000 kN/m.
  • Can customize lengths, widths and nominal aperture sizes from 25mm – 100mm without compromising structural integrity
  • Used for mine tunnel roofs.

Mine-Shield Grid™ Rib

  • Flame retardant additives.
  • Corrosion resistant, and chemically and biologically inert.
  • Can customize lengths, widths and nominal aperture sizes without compromising structural integrity.
  • Used for mine tunnel rib, long wall shield recovery screens and highwall screen.

Benefits of Mine-Shield Grid™


  • Much lighter to handle than steel mesh = lower risk of injury.
  • More blunt than steel mesh = lower risk of injury.
  • Greater surface coverage = less chance of rock fall.
  • Anti static coating = protection from electric shock.


  • Reusable.

Easy to Use

  • Lighter to handle and install.

Longevity- Design Life

  • Does not rust or corrode like steel.
  • Up to double the life of steel/metal mesh. (polyester product, MXR PET provides 120 years design life)
  • Reusable.

Cost Savings

  • More cost effective than steel, approx. 25% cost savings.
  • Easier and faster to install = high productivity & lower operating costs.

Learn more about our Mine-Shield Grid™

In this interview our very own Sam Bhat, Chief Technical Officer of Geosynthetics, highlights how much safer, more cost-effective and durable Mine Shield Grid™ is than conventional reinforcement for mine tunnels.