MSE Wall & Slope Systems

MSE Wall & Slope Systems

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and slopes are composite structures consisting of alternating layers of compacted aggregate backfill and geosynthetic reinforcement working as a system to create a stable earthen wall structure.

An MSE slope is considered a uniaxial geogrid-reinforced soil structure with a slope inclination of up to 70 degrees, whereas an MSE wall is a uniaxial geogrid-reinforced soil structure over 70 degrees.

In an MSE wall or slope system, the soil reinforcement and backfill interaction results in friction and tension that produces stability. The wall facing is mainly for aesthetics and prevents erosion of the structural backfill behind the facing element.

MSE wall and slope systems are an economical, flexible solution to accommodate the changes in grade during infrastructure construction. Compared to conventional concrete structures, MSE walls and slopes can tolerate greater differential settlement, allowing for less rigid, unyielding foundation support. This makes MSE solutions ideal for both temporary and permanent applications.

MSE Applications

  • Bridge abutments
  • Steepened slopes
  • Mining crusher walls
  • Surcharge embankment structures
  • Temporary detour roads for traffic diversion

MSE System Benefits

  • Simple, quick, and easy to install without experienced or unique skilled labor.
  • Can accommodate curves, steps, and height changes around bridge and culvert structures.
  • Can be built vertically or with a setback to accommodate any slope angle.
  • Can accommodate both vegetated and hard armored facing options for desired aesthetic requirements.

Titan MSE Wall & Slope Solutions

Titan’s MSE solutions are categorized into two main systems:

  • Titan Earth Wall™ MSE Systems
  • Titan Earth Slope™ MSE Systems
Depending on the specific project needs, these systems offer various benefits and design options.
Factors such as application, aesthetics, natural environment, and service life will influence the choice of the mechanically stabilized earth system required.
Titan offers professional value-engineered MSE system solutions backed by our in-house MSE engineering team focused on MSE applications. We provide engineering support, drafting, and engineered stamped drawings to ensure your project and investments are protected.

Wall MSE Systems

Titan Earth Wall™

Titan Earth Wall MSE Systems provide solutions for everyday challenges faced during grade separation construction, both permanent and temporary.


Slope MSE Systems

Titan Earth Slope™

Titan Earth Slope MSE systems are flexible and durable, providing a cost-effective solution for constructing slopes with a batter up to 70 degrees.


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