Titan Earth Wall™

Titan Earth Wall™ MSE Systems

Titan Earth Wall™ MSE Systems provide solutions for everyday challenges faced during grade separation construction, both permanent and temporary. Suitable for up to a 90-degree batter, Titan Earth Wall™ MSE systems are custom designed to suit site geometry, the aesthetic needs of a project, natural habitat limitations, and longevity requirements.

Our dedicated MSE engineering team works with civil contractors and engineers to provide comprehensive technical service for Titan Earth Wall™ Systems, from project-specific consultation, to drafting, and engineered stamped design drawings, ensuring the success of your mechanically stabilized earth wall project.

Each Titan Earth Wall™ system offers unique benefits catering to project specifications and performance need.

Titan MSE Wall systems include:

  • Titan Earth Wall™ – Stoney
  • Titan Earth Wall™ – Tempus
  • Titan Earth Wall™ – Living

Titan Earth Wall™ – Stoney

The Titan Earth Wall™ – Stoney system is a stone faced, permanent, MSE wall system. As a permanent structure this system is composed of galvanized wire baskets with uniaxial geogrid reinforcement and well-graded stone facing, offering a perfect solution for MSE walls up to 90° vertical face and heights up to 30m. This system is a durable, long-lasting solution with a design life of 75-100 years based on design requirements and environmental surroundings. This versatile system is highlighted by its ability to handle settlement, ease of construction, and cost-efficiency.

Benefits of Titan Earth Wall™ – Stoney

  • Ease of construction
  • Cost effective
  • Durable


  • MSE walls
  • Highway construction
  • Bridge abutment
  • Wing walls
  • Submerge walls
  • Culvert headwalls
  • Landscaping

Titan Earth Wall™ – Tempus

The Titan Earth Wall™ – Tempus system has a temporary wire form and is an optimal solution for construction MSE wall projects up to 90° that require completion in stages like roadway widening or phased construction. These walls have a lifespan of 1-5 years are efficient, quick to assemble, and can be easily incorporated into any project. The system can easily be deconstructed or can be left in place as required. These mechanically stabilized earth structures are formed using a black welded wire form in conjunction with a geotextile wrap along the face which does not require an overlay of rock or vegetation, making them the most cost-effective wall solution.

Benefits of Titan Earth Wall™ – Tempus

  • Differential settlement
  • Efficiency and speed of construction
  • Easy to deconstruct.
  • Superior finished wall alignment
  • Durability
  • Mechanical connection to soil reinforcements


    • Staged construction
    • Roadway widening projects.
    • Roadway embankments
    • Bridge improvement
    • Bridge abutment phased construction
    • Phased or staged projects
    • Foundations for heavy equipment.

    Titan Earth Wall™ – Living

    The Titan Earth Wall™- Living system is a permanent, “living vegetative” MSE wall system offering the most superior vegetation over all our MSE wall systems. It is ideal for projects requiring a soft face, sustainable, environmentally friendly vegetated solution. The silt socks facing unit is filled with a growth median, choosing a desired seed mix to integrate with the surrounding native vegetation. Vegetation can be either incorporated within the organic compost median or hydro-seeded once construction has been completed. The system can be built to accommodate a shallow slope of 35 degrees up to near vertical walls while being designed to uncompromising standards.

    Benefits of Titan Earth Wall™- Living

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Aesthetic and sustainability improvements
    • Increased green space, biodiversity, and natural habitat.
    • Reducing carbon footprint
    • Flexible installation compared to block walls.


    • Streambanks
    • Steep Slopes
    • Retaining Walls
    • Roadside Slopes
    • Slope Protection
    • Eroded or Damaged Slopes
    • Shoreline Banks