Spill Containment Berm – TITAN TRAP


Drive-On Spill Containment Berm

The TITAN TRAP is a convenient drive-on spill containment berm made of reinforced LLDPE geomembrane panels with memory-foam border forming a tray like structure. Easy to drive up onto, the TITAN TRAP sits underneath heavy equipment to help contain hazardous oil and gas spills during re-fueling or servicing on construction job sites. You simply drive-on and drive-off!

This containment berm is designed to be portable and collapsible for easy storage and transport.  It can withstand direct folding and compound bending without damaging structural integrity and offers outstanding durability with low risk of puncture damage or cracking from rugged job site terrain and harsh climates.

Fabricated using the latest heat fusion technology, each TITAN TRAP meets ASTM D-443 industry standards and undergoes destructive seam testing in our quality assurance lab to ensure optimal performance. They are custom fabricated to size for your needs, with turn-around time ranging from one to three days depending on order quantity.

A major cost saving benefit of the TITAN TRAP is its reusability—it can be used multiple times before reaching the end of its life cycle and it can also be refurbished by simply replacing the berm floor for half of the cost of full replacement. Various underlay options are also available to help extend its performance life.


  • Oil and water resistance memory foam walls.
  • Textured SKRIM reinforced material (LLDPE) to help prevent slips.
  • Custom-made to fit specific sizes.
  • Underlay options available to help extend the life of the berm.


  • Fully portable and collapsible, making storage and transport easy.
  • Outstanding durability and high puncture resistance.
  • High flexibility to withstand direct folding and compound bending without damaging its integrity and performance.
  • Outstanding resistance to low temperature and ultraviolet exposure.
  • Low Replacement Cost – Berms can be reused at end of the life cycle by simply replacing the floor for half the cost of full replacement.