Waste & Wastewater Management

Waste & Wastewater Management

Waste & Wastewater Management focuses on minimizing the adverse effects of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste on human health and the environment. Related infrastructure such as landfills, lagoons, sewer systems and water treatment facilities that work to contain and treat either solid, industrial, hazardous, or domestic sewage waste and wastewater play a critical role in our overall quality of life and environment sustainability.

As a leader in geosynthetics, Titan support this by working with engineering consulting firms and general contractors to provide sustainable product solutions that integrate into the design and construction of various waste and wastewater management infrastructure projects.

Sanitary Sewers (Tunnels)

Concrete Protective Liner

Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner is high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane sheet with studs on one side that lock into applied surfaces.

Wastewater Lagoons & Floating Covers

Water Treatment Holding Cells

Fabricated Baffle Curtains

The purpose of the baffle curtain system is to direct the water through a winding route from the inlet, forcing it to take the longest path to the outlet.