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At Titan we pride ourselves on not being just a supplier, but a source that you can rely on to ensure successful planning and execution of your civil construction project. We’re pleased to introduce our monthly video clip series featuring quick tips and guides related to civil engineering design, construction products and their installation.

Titan Tips

Prefabricated Geomembrane vs Field Welded Geomembrane

How to Correctly Store Materials On Site

Concrete Canvas® Four Key Installation Principles

Concrete Canvas® Cold Weather Installation

Proper Installation Tips for Spartan Road Grid™

When it Comes to Erosion Management, knowing the answers to these questions is essential!

Subgrade requirements and guidelines for liner installation

How to know when Concrete Canvas® is properly hydrated

MSE Wall & Slope Design – Is there a Difference?

How to properly cut Concrete Canvas®

What matters when it comes to your design

Ground Suppor and Underground Mining Infrastructure – Things You Should Know

Swamp Grid™ Installation & Guidelines

Questions You Need To Ask Youself Before Purchasing Silt Fence

Sustainability Spotlight

Envision - A Better Way to Measure Sustainability in Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure - What is it and how does Stormwater Management Fit?

Titan Geo Chats

Engineering Innovation for Wastewater Infrastructure Construction

Maximizing the Benefits of Low Impact Development with Underground Stormwater Management

How Concrete Canvas® Helps Reduce the Biggest Mining Cost

Why Mining Projects Using Concrete Canvas® Are More Efficient

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