Who We’re For

Titan is trusted to back those who build better.

We don’t make the mighty bridges, the new roads and homes, or the vital infrastructure that enhances all our lives. But our clients do. And our work helps them build better from a more resilient foundation.

What we build is a better way forward.

Our customers are immensely accountable for the projects they undertake. They trust our people and our solutions to perform as promised. That’s why we’re uncompromising in our commitment to providing proven products, fabricating to meticulous specifications, and installing with precision.

Sector Solutions

Sector Solutions

Titan translates its product mix and expertise into reliable and environmentally sound solutions for construction projects across a range of sectors. These sectors support essential infrastructure, community, and economic growth. Titan understands this and is proud to play a key role by delivering sector solutions that help contractors successfully execute construction projects, while helping project consultants and owners save money on project costs, reduce risk, and minimize impact on the environment.

Civil Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure is defined as physical structures and facilities that help society function.

Mining Solutions

Titan is proud to be the leading supplier of innovative geosynthetic products that help extend the lifecycle of critical mining infrastructure and boost operational efficiencies.


The agricultural market is where we started more than a decade ago, specializing in the supply and installation of environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost-effective containment solutions.

Waste & Wastewater Management

Waste & Wastewater Management focuses on minimizing the adverse effects of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste on human health and the environment.

Oil & Gas

Titan plays a critical role in offering solutions that help oil & gas producers maintain environmentally safe and efficient site operations

Hydroelectric Energy

The hydroelectric energy sector is a driver of economic and community growth. Hydroelectric projects, including supporting infrastructure and facilities are subject to comprehensive environmental assessments at all stages.

Sports & Recreation

The design and construction of sports & recreation infrastructure such as athletic or sports fields, golf courses typically require the use of geosynthetics and specialty materials that play a critical role in facility conditions.