Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas 

Oil and Gas producers have demanding infrastructure requirements that support energy resource extraction, processing and storage. With years of containment experience and advanced geosynthetic products, we play a critical role in offering solutions that help oil & gas producers maintain environmentally safe and efficient site operations.

Storage Tank Spills

Secondary Containment Systems

Secondary Containment systems are used in the oil & gas industry around storage tanks to protect the surrounding ground from potential spill contamination. We offer permanent secondary containment systems in varying sizes including installation and lining service.

Equipment Spills

Titan Trap (Drive-On Spill Containment Berms)

Titan Trap drive-on spill containment berms are your go to contamination protection from hazardous oil and gas equipment spills on job sites. Designed for durability and made to last while keeping the environment in mind.

Bunds & Berms

CC Hydro™

CC Hydro™ combines the flexibility of a high-performance geomembrane liner, with the hard-armor protection offered by Concrete Canvas’®. Because CC Hydro™ significantly reduces earthworks and eliminates the need for a protective top cover, it is the premier choice for fast and easy bund and berm lining.