Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt reinforcement is critical to preventing a variety of stresses that asphalt concrete pavements (ACP) are subject to during their life cycle. Without proper reinforcement wheel path rutting, fatigue cracks, edge cracking, transverse and longitudinal cracks will occur. This not only compromises the structural integrity and riding quality of the pavement but indicates adverse pavement performance and signs of failure.

Incorporating geogrids specifically designed for asphalt reinforcement in pavement construction or rehabilitation projects increases resistance to pavement rutting, reflection and fatigue cracking. This significantly boosts the performance and service life of the paved infrastructure while reducing aggregate costs and on-going maintenance costs.

Infrastructure construction projects using asphalt reinforcement include:

  • Highways
  • Paved streets
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Paved parking lots

Titan’s line of Spartan Road Grid™ geogrid products provide a viable solution for projects where minimizing performance risk and ensuring economic feasibility is important.

Spartan Road Grid™

Spartan Road Grid™ is a line of fiberglass geogrids designed specifically as an interlayer for asphalt reinforcement.

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