Spartan Road Grid

Spartan Road Grid™

Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

Spartan Road Grid™ is a line of fiberglass geogrids designed specifically as an interlayer for asphalt reinforcement. Spartan Road Grid™ systems work to enhance pavement life and performance while helping to reduce maintenance costs. These include our Spartan Road Grid™ fiberglass geogrid, and our Spartan Road Grid™ fiberglass composite geogrid. While they have distinct characteristics and offer different benefits they all feature a unique coating that provides excellent heat resistance and stability to a melting point of 900 °F as well as very low shrinkage and ultimate elongation to create a rigid asphalt layer. These geogrids are highly durable, biologically unaffected by soil micro-organisms, inert to all chemicals normally found in the soil, and formulated to resist ultraviolet degradation.

Spartan Road Grid™ (Fiberglass Geogrid)

Spartan Road Grid™ is a polymer-coated fiberglass geogrid. Featuring ultimate aperture size it allows asphalt particles to penetrate through the grid to achieve high interlock and effective bonding of two asphalt lifts. The polymeric coating helps to further optimize the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass reinforcement and the pavement overlay.

Spartan Road Grid™ (Fiberglass Composite Geogrid)

Spartan Road Grid™ fiberglass geogrid is a composite product meaning that the geogrid is bonded to a non-woven geotextile. It provides moisture proofing and water resistance benefits while creating a strong bond of the asphalt layers over the tack coat surface. This bond ensures that the reinforcing geogrid is in a position to effectively accept and distribute tensile stresses.


  • Suitable for all types of asphalt mixes.
  • Minimizes both thermal and stress-related reflective cracking.
  • Reduces pavement rutting under high ambient temperatures and intense wheel loads.
  • Increases the fatigue life of pavements with weak foundations.
  • Extends pavement life.
  • Provides cost benefits by increasing pavement life cycle.
  • Fast, easy installation, and recyclable.
  • Reduces overlay thickness to a minimum of 50 mm.


  • Airport runways, taxiways, roads, bridges, parking lots, jointed concrete highways to control reflective cracking.
  • High traffic pavement to control rutting.
  • New highway construction, and other road maintenance/repair jobs to improve pavement life.


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