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Soil Reinforcement & Stabilization

Soil conditions and properties are important considerations in the design of infrastructure construction projects. Poor soil properties can either make construction impossible or lead to performance failures that can be costly. Regardless of the project type proper soil reinforcement and/or stabilization are typically needed to ensure sound structural stability and longevity of the infrastructure being built. Geogrids and geocells are the most effective solutions to stabilize and reinforce soils for various base applications, and soil walls and slopes. They work to do two critical things: 1) improve the mechanical properties of soil by reducing stress-strain behavior; and 2) improve the mechanical behavior of granular material by minimizing movement and allowing for effective load distribution.

Common projects where soil reinforcement and stabilization products are needed:

  • Gravel Road Construction
  • General Site Base Development Work
  • Railway Ballasts and Sub-ballast construction
  • MSE/Retaining Wall Construction
  • Embankments
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Protective dikes
  • Underground tunnels
  • Foundation engineering

Titan offers geocell and a range of biaxial & uniaxial geogrid products that help solve soil reinforcement and stabilization challenges for specific sites and applications. These include:

Soft Soil Base Reinforcement

Swamp Grid™ (Biaxial Composite Geogrid)

Designed as an all-in-one solution, SWAMP GRID™ offers soil reinforcement with added soil filtration, soil separation, and sub-base drainage performance.

Base Reinforcement

Titan Earth Grid™ (Biaxial Geogrid)

Titan Earth Grid™ geogrid works to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils.

Embankment Stabilization

Pyramid Grid™ (Uniaxial Geogrid)

Pyramid Grid™ uniaxial geogrids are specifically designed for soil reinforcement in applications such as retaining walls and steep slopes where soil strength develops uni-axially.

Railway Ballast / Sub-ballast Reinforcement

Titan Rail Grid™ (Biaxial Geogrid)

Designed to stabilize sub-ballast and ballast layers for railway track structure for better performance and less maintenance of the track.

Mine Tunnel Roof & Ribs

Mine-Shield Grid™ (Biaxial Geogrid)

An advanced line of high strength polymer biaxial geogrid developed as a load bearing alternative to steel/metal mesh for soft and hard rock underground mining applications.

Slope & Vertical Structure Reinforcement


An unixial geogrid used for soil reinforcement in embankment construction over soft soils.

Cellular Confinement

BaseLok™ Geocell

A three-dimensional cellular structure that confines soil, the issue of low compaction and bearing capacity is eliminated.

Project Consultation - Free Expertise!

Need help with a specific project design or project challenge?  We can help you choose the best solution for your site conditions and application. We even offer Free pre-design assistance on geogrid and select erosion control applications.

Pre-Design Services

Titan specializes in pre-designs for 7 different applications. Our FREE pre-design service provides first-class customized design support helping to save you time on infrastructure, site development and geotechnical projects.