Soil Reinforcement Geocell


Soil Reinforcement Geocell


Geocells are a perfect solution for civil engineers when trying to find the balance between soil drainage and compaction. Although both are desired in construction, the better a material’s ability to drain, the lower its ability to compact and the lower its bearing capacity. With a geocell, a three-dimensional cellular structure that confines soil, the issue of low compaction and bearing capacity is eliminated. It works to prevent horizontal movement of the fill material and significantly heightens the material’s shear strength and bearing capacity. The proximity of the cells provides considerable weight distribution to support heavy loads without displacement. Featuring an open and porous design, geocells also allow for vertical and lateral water drainage for effective drainage and groundwater recharge while avoiding erosion and surface runoff. Vegetation can grow through the geocell structure rather than other environmentally-harmful possibilities such as pavement or cantilever walls. Local aggregates may also be used which reduces the environmental and economic impact of importing more costly fill materials.

Benefits of Geocell

  • Allows for vegetative growth and minimizes impact on the environment.
  • Can serve multiple design functions such as; soil load support, earth retention, or vegetative erosion protection.


  • Made from 100% virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin.
  • Honeycomb structure for strength.
  • Hallow openings allows for various types of aggregate fill.


  • Slope stabilization
  • MSE retaining wall base reinforcement
  • Channel erosion protection when vegetative system is required.