Specialty Fabrication Products

Specialty Fabrication Products

With established fabrication facilities in both Canada and in the USA,  and extensive stock of materials, Titan is pleased to offer specialty fabrication products to complement custom fabrication applications and a variety of other projects.

For Custom Geomembrane Applications

  • Hems for geomembrane panels needing rope & chain configurations.
  • Slip sheets.
  • Grommets.
  • Seat belt handles (gusseted).

For Other Projects

  • Pipe boots (sloped and vertical) required in lining projects.
  • Ballast tubes to prevent wind uplift in lining projects.
  • Geotextile tubes for dewatering/desludging projects.
  • Sand tubes for erosion control needs.
  • Pop-up containment units for temporary liquid storage or spill containment needs.
  • Access ladders for steep sloped projects.
  • Baffle curtains to control water flow in aquatic projects.
  • Check valves for prevention of gas or water vapor accumulation under liner
  • Gas/air vents for prevention of gas or water vapor accumulation under liner.