Who We Are

Titan is a global geosynthetics solutions leader.

Operating from offices in Canada and the United States and supporting projects in several other countries, we are North America’s fastest-growing end-to-end geosynthetics supplier, fabricator, and installer.

We do more than help manage environmental impact. We help improve how that’s done.

Our proven geosynthetics and specialty civil engineering construction solutions are designed to extend the life of vital infrastructure while protecting precious natural resources.

Our Story

From the Garage to the Globe

It all began in 2006 in a humble setting where many companies are launched: a residential garage. With four guys, a trailer and a truck, Titan was born and we tackled our first service offering: geomembrane liners for agricultural hog lagoons.

That project—although much smaller in scale and scope than the projects we would soon be known for—presented certain demands. We needed to help the client reduce risk, protect the environment, and do it all as cost-effectively as possible. Our ability to effectively meet these demands created the blueprint for our company’s value proposition, ultimately sending us on a dizzying growth trajectory.

Today, with locations in Canada and in the USA, we have an extensive team of highly trained staff. We supply, install, and even fabricate sophisticated geosynthetics and civil construction products used in projects across North America and abroad.

Rapid Growth, Deepening Expertise

We opened our first official location after three years in business at an 8,000 square foot building on a 6-acre commercial lot. A prestigious new project made that move possible: installing portable water storage tanks for the American military stationed in Iraq. This project’s successful implementation proved that our company had evolved into a world-class partner in critical infrastructure projects.

This allowed Titan to realize its potential and before long, our formerly garage-based company was adding expertise and expanding scope. We began serving other sectors like civil construction, water and wastewater, mining, oil and gas, and hydroelectric.

A Culture of Problem-Solvers

In the early years we were known as the “liner guys” who supplied and installed geomembranes. But as our company grew, our expertise flourished, and Titan quickly began to make its mark. Today we are known for our ability to provide site specific consultation and custom design solutions using a range of products. Our team is a tightly-knit, well-trained, low-turnover force to be reckoned with. This reflects the investments we make in our people – investments that drive a culture of problem solvers.

Trust. Quality. Value

From the garage to a three-division global presence, Titan has ensured our own rapid growth and deep skill base by committing to our core values. We build Trust with clients and staff, deliver uncompromising Quality, and leverage creativity to secure Value.

In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Burkard, “Even though we’re not a family business, we operate that way. We always have and we always will.”