Railway Ballast Reinforcement Geogrid – Titan Rail Grid™

Titan Rail Grid™

Railway Ballast Reinforcement Geogrid

Titan Rail Grid™ is designed to stabilize sub-ballast and ballast layers for railway track structure for better performance and less maintenance of the track. Its optimal aperture size provides an ideal solution for soil stabilization, railway ballast reinforcement, sub-ballast reinforcement and other railroad challenges Titan Rail Grid™ is a high-performance biaxial geogrid that is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environments and features high tensile stiffness at low strains to resist construction damage, environmental exposure and formulated to resist ultraviolet degradation.

Ballast Stabilization

Geogrid placed in between the sub-ballast and ballast layer

  • Minimize particle migration in the ballast layer.
  • Reduce the rate of track settlement.
  • Increase the period between ballast maintenance.
  • Lateral confinement.
  • Maintains tracks original geometry.

Sub-ballast Stabilization

Geogrid placed at the bottom of the sub-ballast

  • Minimize differential settlement.Saving up to 50% in sub-ballast thickness.
  • Minimize the effects of variable/weak sub-grades.
  • Prevents progressive shear failure and vertical settlement.
  • Increases the speed of construction.
  • Reduces elastic deflections.

Benefits of Titan Rail Grid™

  • Budget friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Increases the service life.
  • Provides higher bearing capacity.
  • Speeds up construction.
  • Distribute loads more widely and evenly onto the underlying subgrade.

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