Titan Earth Slope™

Titan Earth Slope™ MSE Systems

Titan Earth Slope™ MSE systems are flexible and durable, providing a cost-effective solution for constructing slopes with a batter up to 70 degrees. Titan Earth Slope™ MSE systems are custom designed to suit site geometry, project aesthetic needs, natural habitat limitations, and design-life requirements.

Titan MSE slope systems include:

  • Titan Earth Slope™ – Blanket (Up to 35°)
  • Titan Earth Slope™ – Grid (Up to 45°)
  • Titan Earth Slope™ – Honeycomb (Up to 70°)
  • Titan Earth Slope™ – Veggie (Up to 70°)

Our dedicated MSE engineering team works with civil contractors and engineers to provide comprehensive technical services for Titan Earth Slope™ Systems, from project-specific consultation to drafting and engineered stamped design drawings, ensuring the success of your MSE slope project.

Each Titan Earth Slope™ MSE system is designed with lightweight and easy-to-manage components, making the construction process quick and hassle-free. All applications, once constructed, produce a vegetated green face that is both environmentally friendly and designed to meet the highest performance and quality standards.

TItan Earth Slope™ – Blanket

The Titan Earth Slope™ – Blanket system is the most economical and natural-looking of our mechanically stabilized earth slope systems. This system uses primary and secondary geogrids as reinforcement with an erosion control blank facing.  This advantageous solution has excellent versatility, allowing for superior vegetation that accommodates both native and/or select species.  Once vegetation has been fully established, the slope becomes a long-lasting, sustainable, natural-looking slope structure.

Titan Earth Slope™ – Grid

The Titan Earth Slope™ – Grid system is ideal for MSE slopes up to 45 degrees. The system uses uniaxial geogrid in conjunction with a UV stabilized biaxial geogrid and erosion control blanket, wrapped to provide a robust and durable facing. This system provides a green, sustainable soft facing that can handle highway surcharge loads.

Geogrid products by Titan include the very latest technology in biaxial and uniaxial geogrids. Our line of soil reinforcement & stabilization geogrids consistently meets and exceeds the stringent QA/QC testing requirements.

Titan Earth Slope™ – Honeycomb

The Titan Earth Slope™- Honeycomb system is named after the honeycomb appearance of its geocell-facing unit.  This mechanically stabilized earth slope system includes HDPE green facia units that are stacked to create varying steep slope applications up to 70°.  A uniaxial geogrid reinforcement is integrated within the system to stabilize the slope, creating a flexible system that allows for larger margins of displacement.  Other benefits of the Titan Earth Slope™- Honeycomb are the quickness and ease of construction while still providing Titan’s assurance of long-term performance. This robust system promotes an aesthetic, green finish, reducing the carbon footprint while offering cost-saving opportunities.

Benefits of Titan Earth Slope™ – Honeycomb

  • Green finish
  • Robust HDPE facing (prevents weathering)
  • Quickness and ease of construction


  • Streambanks
  • Steep Slopes
  • Road Embankments
  • Culvert headwalls

Titan Earth Slope™ – Veggie

The Titan Earth Slope – Veggie system has a vegetated wire face using a weld wire form and is an ideal solution for construction of MSE slope projects up to 70º batter, providing an environmentally friendly vegetated solution.

This system is constructed using welded wire forms with a UV-stabilized biaxial geogrid and erosion control blanket wrap in the front for long-lasting durability and to help establish vegetation growth. While giving a natural appearance, these vegetated slopes have many other benefits, including lightweight and easy-to-handle components, accommodating any curves, or given geometry, and flexibility with cost savings other vegetated structures.

    Benefits of Titan Earth Slope™ – Veggie

    • Economical
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Easy to construct


    • Streambanks
    • Steep Slopes
    • Shorelines
    • Retaining walls
    • Roadside slopes

    Titan Earth Slope™ – Living

    The Titan Earth Slope™ – Living  system is a “living vegetative” MSE slope system offering superior vegetation over all our other MSE slope systems. It is ideal for projects requiring a soft face, sustainable requirements, and environmentally friendly vegetated solutions.  The silt socks facing unit is filled with a growth median, choosing a desired seed mix to integrate with the surrounding native vegetation.  Vegetation can be either incorporated within the organic compost median or hydro seeded once construction has been completed.  The systems can be built to a near vertical wall or a shallow slope while being designed to uncompromising standards.

    Benefits of Titan Earth Slope™ – Living

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Aesthetic and sustainability improvements
    • Increased green space, biodiversity, and natural habitat
    • Reducing carbon footprint
    • Flexible installation compared to block walls


      • Streambanks
      • Steep Slopes
      • Retaining walls
      • Roadside slopes
      • Slope protection
      • Eroded or damaged slopes
      • Shoreline Banks