Biaxial and Uniaxial Geogrids

Biaxial geogrids and uniaxial geogrids are the most common types of geogrids. A geogrid is defined as a geosynthetic material consisting of connected parallel sets of tensile ribs with apertures of sufficient size to allow strike-through of the surrounding soil, stone, or other geotechnical material (Koerner 1998). More simply described as plastic lattice structures with different technical properties and functions.

A biaxial geogrid is a bi-directional structure with two-way stretch which provides the same mechanical properties in two directions, both longitudinal and transverse. A uniaxial geogrid is a unidirectional structure with one-way stretch that provides stabilization in one direction only, mainly longitudinal.

Each is used in specific civil engineering applications depending on the desired reinforcement and stabilization outcomes. Biaxial geogrids allow for wider load distribution making them ideal for construction of roads, working platforms, or preparation of site subgrades where base stabilization is needed in two directions; while uniaxial geogrids are best used in construction of structures with a vertical component like earth retaining walls and steep soil slopes. This geogrid provides reinforcement in one direction.

Titan offers both biaxial and uniaxial geogrids suited to different applications and civil engineering designs.

Titan Earth Grid™

(Biaxial Geogrid)

Designed to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils.

Spartan Road Grid™

(Biaxial Geogrid)

Designed as an interlayer for asphalt reinforcement to enhance pavement life and performance while helping to reduce project and maintenance costs.

Mine-Shield Grid™

(Biaxial Geogrid)

Designed as a load bearing alternative to steel/metal mesh used in mine tunnel roofs and ribs for soft and hard rock mining applications.

Swamp Grid™

(Biaxial Geogrid Composite)

Designed as an advanced combination product consisting of our Titan Earth Grid™ heat-bonded to a long-fiber PET nonwoven geotextile. An all-in-one solution for soil reinforcement, with soil filtration, separation and sub-base drainage.

Pyramid Grid™

(Uniaxial Geogrid Composite)

Designed to improve structural stability for vertical soil structures such as retaining walls. MSE walls and slopes.