Soil Water Drainage System

Multi-Flow™ is a comprehensive soil water drainage system that works as a fast-acting, durable solution for the efficient removal of excess soil water.

Multi-Flow’s™ design consists of a closed-core geocomposite drain pipe wrapped in thick geotextile fabric which separates the core from backfill. This prevents sand and soil from entering the flow channels.

This systems industry first-and-only design allows for unique installations vertically for tall/narrow areas or horizontally for flat/wide areas, resulting in faster water collection and reduced installation costs. Special connectors also make Multi-Flow™ attachable to other drain products.

Allowing for faster water entrance and reduced installation costs Multi-Flow™ is a simple and affordable soil water control drainage solution for simple landscape, to large reclamation and stabilization drainage projects.

In partnership with our manufacturer, we offer additional design assistance, including CAD drawings of the drainage system for projects of various scopes and scales.

Benefits of Multi-Flow™ Soil Water Drainage System

  • Easy to use -Multi-flow™ is panel shaped and it can be inserted vertically in a narrow trench or laid out horizontally without trenching, which saves a lot of time with installation.
  • Long-lasting – Multi-flow™ is designed to withstand loads above 6,000 psf; it will not collapse due to heavy surface loads or heavy equipment. Compatible with BMP installation techniques – it contains a highly effective geotextile as a secondary filter which helps keep the flow clean and open.
  • Highly efficient – The larger surface area of the Multi-Flow™ pipe compared to the conventional round pipe makes it easier to drain water.
  • Cost-effective. – Proven to have a longer life than its comparable French drain system while being half the cost, Multi-flow™ is an attractive solution for customers and their needs.

Size Options

  • 6-inch drain pipe
  • 12-inch drain pipe
  • 18-inch drain pipe

Fittings, Connectors & Accessories

Push-on fittings and multi-purpose
connectors are available and can be
used in a variety of combinations to
allow for extensive flexibility in
drainage design.



  • Landfill sites
  • Mine
  • Leach pile settings
  • Desaturation projects
  • Rail Lines
  • Railroad yards
  • Storage lagoons
  • Earthen Dams
  • Decontamination processes


  • Athletic Field
  • Golf Course
  • Recreational Area
  • Paved Surfaces