Irrigation on a Roll!

Water Conveyance Solution for Irrigation Infrastructure


CCX™ is a geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (CGGM) product innovation in the same family as Concrete Canvas®.  It is designed as a water conveyance solution for bulk water infrastructure, primarily irrigation canal lining.

Like its sister product, Concrete Canvas®, CCX™ is made up of two interwoven geotextile layers that encase a specially designed dry concrete mix, however, CCX™ features a polypropylene reinforced bottom layer with a fused LLDPE geomembrane backing which for exceptional impermeability. It also has a unique UV-stabilized polyester top cover for added durability and abrasion resistance.

CCX™ can be unrolled quickly to line and rehabilitate canal infrastructure and can be hydrated by spraying or immersing completely in water. By comparison, it is far faster, simpler, and less expensive to install than traditional canal lining methods.

CCX™ is also highly suited for lining other large uniformly profiled bulk water infrastructures such as irrigation channels, waterways, and hydroelectric channels to prevent erosion and reduce seepage losses.

There are two types of CCX™ products. Each type exceeds the minimum requirements of
ASTM D8364Standard Specification for GCCM Materials.


For erosion control needs

  • Has a 0.3mm LLDPE backing to ensure the material has excellent impermeability.
  • Jointing is typically through a combination of screws, adhesive sealant, and thermal bonding. It is not possible to create a testable thermally welded joint with CCX-M™. For applications where this is required, CCX-B™ should be used.


For critical containment needs

  • Has a >1.0mm LLDPE geomembrane backing for critical containment.
  • Joints can be thermally welded, and air-channel tested to provide quality-assured impermeable joints. Standard thermal welding equipment and joint testing equipment for LLDPE geomembranes can be used.

    CCX™ is available in two standard roll sizes: bulk rolls or smaller, lighter batched rolls.

    Benefits of Using CCX™

    • Rapid Installation – Infrastructure downtime is reduced because to the quick installation process and significant early strength growth. This makes it possible for lining considerably larger regions of critical infrastructure when maintenance shutdown times are set.
    • Reduced Seepage – The fibre reinforcement included within its structure, CCX™ can withstand a high amount of differential ground movement. Preventing fracture growth while maintaining excellent impermeability.
    • Composite Solution – CCX™ combines the impermeability of a geomembrane with the protection and durability of concrete. CCX™ can be installed as rapidly as conventional geosynthetics and 24 hours from hydration will cure to create a hard-wearing concrete liner that is ready to use.
    • Low Logistical Footprint – CCX™ has an un-hydrated unit weight of 14.5-15.5kg/m2 compared to 220kg/m2 for 10cm of cured concrete. This means it is often more than 10x more efficient in terms of logistical footprint, needing fewer vehicles, and lowering operating overheads.

    Properties of CCX™

    • High Impermeability – The LLDPE geomembrane backing of CCX™ ensures the material’s exceptional impermeability, considerably lowering or eliminating seepage losses.
    • Durable – CCX™ is extremely durable, with an abrasion resistance that is more than 3.5 times that of regular OPC (ordinary portland cement) concrete.
    • Long-term Performance – CCX™ has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years.
    • Eco-Friendly – CCX™ is a carbon-efficient concrete solution that reduces embodied carbon significantly when compared to traditional concrete linings.

    CCX™ Bulk Water Infrastructure Applications

    •  Canal Lining – Large hydraulic systems such as irrigation canals, navigation canals, and rivers can be lined. CCX™ is highly suited for lining large profiles, either as remediation for existing concrete canals or for new earth canal linings.
    • Reservoir lining – Line and enhance existing reservoirs, providing a protective geomembrane above the waterline where conventional liners could be damaged. The exposed reservoir crest region or the complete containment surface can be lined with CCX™.
    • Hydroelectric Channels – Large uniform profile channels, such as feeder canals and flumes for hydroelectric plants.