Base Reinforcement Geogrid – Titan Earth Grid™

Titan Earth Grid™ and Swamp Grid™ soil reinforcement and stabilization geogrid solutions are used in base applications to reinforce and stabilize weak soils and ensure necessary soil stability. Both Titan Earth Grid™ and Swamp Grid™ are biaxial geogrids offering unique product properties and characteristics, specifically Titan Earth Grid™ geogrid works to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils, whereas Swamp Grid™ is most effective for stabilizing weak soils that are saturated and susceptible to piping.

When the granular material is compacted over these geogrids, it partially penetrates and projects through the apertures creating an interlocking action between the particles and the grid. This positive mechanical interlock enables the grid to resist horizontal shear from the fill and thereby mobilize the maximum bearing capacity of the soft subsoil.

Titan Earth Grid™ is a biaxial geogrid designed to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils. It is manufactured out of virgin polypropylene (PP) using a unique punching and drawing process whereby the polypropylene sheet is stretched in two directions, machine (longitudinal) and cross-machine (transverse).  This geogrid features uniform square/rectangular apertures with thick integral nodes, and thick/wide ribs. Its uniform geometric design allows for strong mechanical interlock with soil particles.

Titan Earth Grid™ is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environments and is not attacked by salt, acid, or alkali aqueous solutions. It is not susceptible to hydrolysis, environmental stress cracking, or micro-organisms attack and is formulated to resist construction damage, environmental exposure, and UV degradation.


  • Site subgrades
  • Railway ballasts
  • Oil platform access roads
  • Temporary military roads
  • Mine haul roads
  • Forestry and logging roads
  • Coastal roads
  • Parking lots
  • Under hydro-electric transmission line towers
  • Foundation support

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