Leak Location Liner

Leak Location Liner

Titan is proud to supply and install a variety of Leak Location liners. These high-performance geomembranes have a co-extruded, electrically conductive bottom layer. This conductive layer makes it possible to detect leaks on wrinkles and other non-conductive surfaces, and it allows the liner to be retested as often as necessary, even after cover materials have been placed. The most effective method to detect leaks in geosynthetic liners is Electrical Liner Integrity surveys, which use an electric current running through two conductive layers, separated by a non-conductive barrier (the liner). The Spark Testing method is used on exposed applications and can be performed at any time during or after installation. It is able to detect even the smallest holes and can be performed more quickly and thoroughly than any other method.


  • Electrically-conductive bottom layer for leak detection on exposed and covered applications, accommodating both Spark and Dipole testing.
  • Co-extruded conductive layer eliminates the need to apply water during testing in exposed applications.
  • An optional white surface reflects sunlight, lowering the liner temperature, which reduces wrinkles.
  • The combination of a white surface and black base makes it easy to visually detect scoring and other impact damage.
  • The optional textured surface is available for added stabilization, reducing the risk of damage during the placement of cover soil.
  • Leaks can be detected on wrinkles and other non-conductive surfaces
  • Eliminates false-positive signals for leaks.
  • Can be retested as often as necessary to ensure its integrity over time.

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Installation Notes

In order to properly install Leak Location Liner, a modified wedge welder called an Iso-Wedge is used. The Iso-Wedge isolates the conductive flap in a fusion-welded seam, eliminating the nuisance of false-positive signals for leaks. This product must be field installed by certified technicians. Titan offers an assortment of leak location liners which are manufactured from both high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). They are available in smooth or textured liner and come in black, green, and white.