Geosynthetic Solutions, Houston, Texas

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Geosynthetic Solutions

Titan’s USA team is based out of Houston and supplies material for projects across the United States and internationally. With a focus on geosynthetics fabrication, we operate a large fabrication facility that specializes in custom-order prefabricated geomembrane and geotextile panels for environmental applications and athletic field lining projects. We understand the unique material needs for these types of projects and offer a variety of geomembrane options suitable for fabrication.

Titan USA Office

18900 Ceila Way
New Caney, Texas, USA 77357
Tel: 713-849-1311

Sectors Served

  • Water & Waste Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Civil Infrastructure

Commonly Requested Projects

Supply of prefabricated geotextile and geomembrane panels for:

  • Floating covers
  • Wastewater lagoons lining
  • Retention pond lining
  • Crop irrigation lining
  • Hatchery pong lining
  • Fish farm and algae ponds lining
  • Landfill capping
  • Sports field underground detention system lining
  • Secondary containment system lining
  • Spill containment trays and berms

Supply of geogrids for:

  • Road construction and rehabilitation
  • Stabilization of slopes and reinforcement of sites with saturated soils

Supply of Concrete Canvas® GCCM for

  • Slope protection,
  • Bridge abutment lining
  • Channel and ditch lining

Supply of geotextile dewatering bags and desludging tubes for:

  • Construction site dewatering and lagoon desludging