Reliable containment is essential for every oil or gas plant to prevent destructive spills or leaks. Environmental safety regulations require that the secondary containment system for an above ground storage tank must have a volumetric capacity of no less than 110% of the capacity of the tank. 

In addition to serious environmental consequences, loss of containment on an industrial plant is costly. Selecting the correct materials that will maintain optimal performance life and prevent frequent maintenance is essential for bund lining on every oil or gas plant.  

The Industry’s Best Containment Liner: CC Hydro™  

CC Hydro™ is the world’s first all-in-one armoured impermeable liner for containment applications. It combines Concrete Canvas® concrete impregnated fabric technology with a high impermeable, chemically resistant geomembrane backing. CC Hydro™ hardens on hydration to provide long-term protection to the geomembrane from puncture, abrasion, weathering, and UV degradation.

Why Choose CC Hydro™ for Bund Lining?

CC Hydro™ can be used for bund and berm lining across a wide range of sectors including petrochemical, anaerobic digestion and mine tailings. Concrete Canvas Ltd currently supply 7 out of the top 10 oil and gas operators worldwide. 

CC Hydro being welded together in an application.
Construction worker cutting a piece of CC Hydro from the roll.

ASTM D8364 Standard Specification for GCCM & GCCB Materials  

It’s essential for engineers to select Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) and Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Barrier (GCCB) materials for environmental containment projects that meet specific ASTM International standards. 

GCCMs & GCCBs contain geosynthetic and cementitious materials, both of which possess different physical properties. Using pre-existing geosynthetic or cementitious testing standards fall short for GCCMs & GCCBs. 

ASTM International and its D35 Geosynthetics Committee published several standards for GCCMs & GCCBs to enable consistent, accurate reporting of essential GCCM & GCCB properties. 

CC Hydro™, Concrete Canvas® and CCX™ are the only GCCMs & GCCBs on the market that meet the ASTM D8364 ‘Standard Specification for GCCM materials.’  

Avoid the risk of project failure by specifying and installing a GCCM or GCCB that meets the GCCM Specification standard ASTM D8364. 

Maintain Containment Volume

Bund lining is an essential component to the safety and efficiency of an industrial plant. Unlike alternative options, CC Hydro™ provides the ability to raise and maintain the upper level of a bund for new and existing applications. It can be laid directly onto existing profiles without loss of volume capacity for refurbishment projects, securing the correct containment volume that is legally required.

On-Site Pressure Testing 

CC Hydro™ incorporates a high visibility welding strip, allowing the joint to be thermally welded with an air channel for fast and simple on-site pressure testing and quality assured containment applications. 

Ease of Installation and Maintenance 

CC Hydro™ is simple to install – simply unroll the concrete-on-a-roll, anchor it down, seal and add water. This process is well-suited for on-site crews to complete installation, eliminating costs that would be incurred through bringing on external work crews.  

Maintenance is also simplified, as crews can simply steam clean the material after a potential spill or leakage. The durability of the material allows for crews to walk and drive over it without risking potential damage. CC Hydro™ provides effective weed suppression, eliminating the ongoing maintenance required for soil covered systems.  

Cost Saving Benefits of CC Hydro™

Reduce installation and maintenance costs with CC Hydro™: 

  • The hard armour concrete surface effectively eliminates the need for concrete, soil, or aggregate top cover, normally required with conventional liner systems.  
  • As there is no requirement for a protective top cover, there is no need for additional excavation, treatment of contaminated arisings and import of costly fill material. 
  • End-of-life costs associated with treatment of any contaminated top cover are significantly reduced. 

Many Uses for CC Hydro™

In addition to bund lining, specify CC Hydro™ for the following applications: 

  • Channel Lining – CC Hydro™ is rapidly unrolled to provide a high impermeability channel, flume or canal lining for drainage, or hydroelectric schemes. 
  • Lagoon & Canal Lining – Provides a cost-effective primary containment solution for lagoon and canal lining, providing excellent puncture resistance, UV protection and long-term durability. 

CC Hydro™ can be used for a wide range of containment applications, whether it be new-build or the remediation of existing infrastructure, for example, storage tank baselining. 

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