Sports Field Geomembranes

Sports Field Geomembranes

When building or rehabilitating grass or synthetic turf sports fields, planning for fast and proper stormwater drainage is important to ensure field longevity and long-term performance. Without this, sitting water weakens the turf or grass rendering the field surface unusable or unsuitable for play. Titan sports field geomembranes are a durable and long-lasting solution for sports field design.

Titan sports field geomembranes are impermeable liners that can be incorporated in engineered stormwater drainage systems found underneath the sports field. The liner is installed on the soil subgrade with geotextile, sand and drainage pipes overtop. It acts as a barrier between the soil subgrade and the sand layer that sits just below the turf, playing an important part in helping to protect the field’s surface.

Titan sport field geomembranes are custom fabricated, or prefabricated, to specific dimensions and shipped in conveniently packaged panel sections that are quick and easy to roll out. Sections can be joined on site as required using a simple adhesive—no need for special seaming equipment or certified geomembrane welding technicians. This means you can save valuable installation time and costs!

Titan Sports Field Geomembrane Benefits

  • Custom fabricated panels to fit specific dimensions.
  • Quick to deploy and install = time and cost savings.
  • Easy adhesive seaming in the field = no need for specialized field seaming equipment or technicians
  • Maintains flat contact with the subgrade allowing superior drainage.
  • No thermal expansion = less wrinkling

Material Options

  • PVC: 20,30, & 40mil
  • Titan12
  • Titan20
  • Titan30