High-Density Polyethylene

HDPE is a plastic pipe that facilitates water drainage under roadways, or water flow as part of an underground stormwater management arch chamber system. HDPE pipe offers a smooth interior and corrugated exterior for exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using application-specific high-density polyethylene, it provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated steel pipe. Titan also offers dual wall, as well as single wall solid and perforated pipe for sub-drain and drain tile applications.


  • Superior Hydraulics – A smooth interior will ensure no debris or sediment build-up.
  • Easy to handle, safe, lightweight pipe requires less labor and equipment for faster installation and reduced costs.
  • Provides superior resistance to chemicals, road salts, motor oil, and gasoline – will not rust, deteriorate, or crumble.
  • Withstands repeated freeze/thaw cycles and continuous sub-zero temperatures.
  • Split couplers are available


  • Available in 6.1m (20′) lengths, resulting in fewer joints – pipes can easily be cut to the desired lengths in the field.
  • 100mm-1500mm (4″-59″) diameters available.
  • Available pipe stiffness of 210 kPa to 320 kPa at 5% deflection.
  • CSA B182.8 certified pipe is available upon request.
  • Dual Wall HDPE pipe is also available in plain or with bell and spigot ends.
  • Custom fittings can be fabricated to suit many applications.
  • Fabricated dual wall or Nyoplast catch basins.


  • Culverts/Cross Drains
  • Slope/Edge Drains
  • Golf, Turf & Recreation
  • Foundation Drains
  • Retention/Detention Systems
  • Storm Sewers
  • Parking Lot Drainage
  • Mining/Forestry/Industrial

HDPE pipe attached to Nyloplast catch basin.