Soft Soil Reinforcement Geogrid – Swamp Grid™

Swamp Grid™

Soft Soil Reinforcement Composite Geogrid

Swamp Grid™ is an advanced composite geogrid product consisting of our Titan Earth Grid™ heat-bonded to a long-fiber PET nonwoven geotextile. Designed as an all-in-one solution, Swamp Grid™ offers soil reinforcement with added soil filtration, soil separation, and sub-base drainage performance.  This biaxial geogrid is extremely effective for stabilizing saturated soils that are susceptible to piping and preventing the loss of imported granular material into the soft subgrade.

Benefits of Swamp Grid™

  • Reduces the amount of aggregate needed= construction cost savings.
  • Reduces soil excavation and backfilling= construction cost savings.
  • Minimizes differential settlement and prevents upward movement of the subgrade = higher structural performance.
  • Improves overall structural life= maintenance cost savings.


  • Site subgrades
  • Railway ballasts
  • Oil platform access roads
  • Temporary military roads
  • Mine haul roads
  • Forestry and logging roads
  • Coastal roads
  • Parking lots
  • Under hydro-electric transmission line towers
  • Foundation support


  • Provides soil separation = prevents migration of aggregate base into clay.
  • Allows subgrade drainage = HIGHER soil stability.
  • Prevents upward movement of subgrade = HIGHER structural performance.
  • Minimizes differential settlement = HIGHER structural performance.
  • Allows higher compaction of aggregate = HIGHER road stability. 

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