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Geosynthetic & Civil Infrastructure Solutions

Titan’s Manitoba team understands the unique material needs for construction projects in Manitoba’s key sectors, making us your trusted partner for product supply, and quality geosynthetics installation.

Manitoba Office

777 Quest Blvd
Ile des Chenes, MB, R0A 0T1
Tel: 204-878-3955
Fax: 204-878-3980

Toll Free: 1-866-327-1957

Sectors Served

  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Water & Waste Management
  • Hydro-Electric

Commonly Requested Products

  • Supply and installation of geomembrane lining systems for municipal landfills lagoons and waste management facilities, agricultural lagoons, retention ponds.
  • Supply of: geotextiles for environmental and civil construction projects; geogrids for road construction, stabilization of slopes and reinforcement of sites with saturated soils; drainage culvert and water control gates, cofferdams for water retention needs, silt fence and turbidity curtain for sediment control on construction sites, hard and soft armor erosion control products, geotextile bags for construction site dewatering, dewatering tubes for lagoon desludging needs, gabion baskets for erosion systems, geocell for MSE wall and base stabilization designs, XPS rigid foam insulation for underground waterline frost protection.
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  • Engineering Pre-Design Service (FREE)

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