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Project Overview

Wastewater Management focuses on minimizing the adverse effects of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste on human health and the environment.  Infrastructure such as sewer systems and wastewater treatment cells that contain either solid, industrial, hazardous, or domestic sewage waste and wastewater play a critical role in our overall quality of life and environment sustainability 

Protecting this often concrete-based infrastructure from corrosion or mechanical damage is necessary to ensure effective functioning and prevent costly structural failure and environmental harm. 


Concrete Protection Liner (CPL)

Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane sheet with anchors on one side that lock into applied surfaces. Made with one of the most chemically resistant geosynthetic materials, it is used to protect concrete structures from corrosion, erosion and mechanical damage. Providing superior long-term protection, Concrete Protection Liner can help extend the lifespan of a wide variety of concrete structures including cast-in place sewer tunnels, sump pits, liquid storage tanks and more. 


Sewer Tunnel Extension Application

In this application, Titan joined forces with Ward & Burke Microtunnelling on a 2000-meter sewer tunnel extension project running under Calgary’s Bow River. Here, Titan supplied Concrete Protection Liner, engineered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane sheets that were cast into sections of concrete pipe. Later, as pipe sections were put into place and butted against each other to form the tunnel, Titan executed installation of the tunnel by capping the pipe joints using skilled extrusion welding technics. This joined the pipe sections together forming an impermeable, leak-free tunnel structure. 


Prolonging the Service Life of a Sewer Tunnel 

  • All concrete structures in a wastewater management system, such as sewer tunnels or processing pits, must be protected with an impermeable liner that is chemically resistant. 
  • Sewer tunnel applications are especially time-sensitive, as maintaining the operating flow during maintenance or construction becomes a challenge. Installation had to be executed efficiently, with a material that was simple and easy to install.   
  • The main risk factor for concrete wastewater infrastructure is corrosion from hydrogen sulfide, and the way to mitigate this risk is to create a barrier between the concrete and the hydrogen sulfide.  
  • Concrete is porous and provides an environment for bacteria to harbour if it’s not lined or protected correctly. Bacteria dying off within the concrete results in corrosion throughout the structure. 


In this application, the tunnel was designed to extend under Calgary’s Bow River. Any risk of structural failure due to corrosion is unacceptable, especially due to the presence of a river and the environmental consequences the City of Calgary would face due to contamination and pollution.  

Therefore, Concrete Protection Liner, a high-performing chemically resistant liner, was selected. 

The Conventional Solution vs. Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner


Spray Coatings 

There are many options for liners or coatings that offer resistance against corrosion and erosion, but they miss the mark on long-term strength and performance. 

Spray coating is a common conventional option that is not as effective as an embedded liner. Some issues with spray coating include: 

  • Application requires specific conditions with low humidity and a certain moisture content. These conditions are difficult to create, especially when working on retrofits or existing structures that need to be rehabilitated.  
  • Only provides a surface bond that is susceptible to back pressure, leaks and corrosion originating from behind the coating. 
  • Continual rehabilitation is required, as the coating weakens overtime, resulting in long-term maintenances costs. 
  • Does not meet industry standards for back pressure resistance.  


Embedded Concrete Protection Liner 

Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner is an engineered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane sheet, one of the most chemically resistant geosynthetic materials available today. HDPE is resistant to all normal waste streams that would be found in a wastewater system.

Concrete Protection Liner addresses the following key concerns with regards to wastewater infrastructure protection: 

  • Creating an impermeable barrier. 
  • Fully adhering to the concrete substrate. 
  • Cost-effective and easy to fabricate and install. 
  • Exceptional design life.  


Advantages of Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner  

Titan’s Concrete Protection Liner (CPL) provides two forms of protection for concrete wastewater infrastructure: protection from microbial induced corrosion and protection from infiltration and in-flow. 

Concrete Protection Liner can be used for pre-cast, port-in-place structures, or rehabilitation applications. When CPL is applied, the concrete cures around the anchors, or the embedment strip of the liner, allowing the liner to become a permanent part of the structure.  


When CPL is installed, the design life is the life of the concrete structure.  


If there’s any back pressure that hits the liner, in pipe for example, the water will divert around the anchors on the back of the liner, and it won’t push the liner out of the wall.  

Titan’s CPL protects against microbial induced corrosion from substances such as hydrogen sulfide that would eat away at the concrete and protects against infiltration and in-flow. It’s the only technology that provides secondary containment in applications such as manholes, pipe, chambers, and other types of concrete structures.  

Providing superior long-term protection, CPL can help extend the lifespan of a wide variety of concrete structures, including municipal and industrial wastewater treatments plants and systems. 


Concrete Protection Liner Benefits:

  • Material provides the highest degree of chemical resistance. 
  • High pull-out strength. 
  • Minimal lateral movement due to thermal expansion. 
  • Excellent protection against chemical and mechanical damage. 
  • Resistant to UV degradation. 
  • Can be custom prefabricated to a specific dimension or geometric shape. 
  • Can be butt welded, extrusion welded, or electrofusion welded.



Sewer Tunnel Extension Application 

The tunnel consisted of 640—3 meter (10 ft) long sections of concrete pipe ranging from 1.5-1.8 meters (5-6 ft). It was lined with a 1.5mm of Concrete Protection Liner and extended under Calgary’s Bow River.   

Working with a pre-caster, Titan supplied the Concrete Protection Liner that was inserted into the wet concrete when casting the pipe. Once the concrete cured, the liner embedment strip formed an integral part of the pipe surface for long-term protection against chemical, gas and corrosion attack. As pipe sections were put into place and butted against each other, Titan also capped the joints using extrusion welders to prevent sewer leakage. Over the course of this project an impressive network of 6 tunnels were built covering a total distance of 2 km. 

Titan was selected based on our valuable coordination expertise and ability to work with multiple stakeholders to meet the project requirements and get the job done. During construction we were able to quickly overcome many challenges on site due to high water tables and changing conditions. 



Features of Concrete Protection Liner 

  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 
  • Comes in panels measuring 2.44 m wide and up to 70 m long. 
  • Thickness ranges from 2.0 – 5.0 mm. 
  • 1200 studs /m². 
  • Studs are approx. 10 mm tall. 
  • Locking studs average pull out strength ~ 70 kg/stud. 
  • Available in customized pre-cast form. 
  • Colour options: black or grey. 


Concrete Protection Liner is Suitable for Many Applications 

  • Cast in place concrete structures/tunnels 
  • Concrete pipe lining 
  • Lift stations 
  • Sewer & water treatment plants 
  • Digesters 
  • Storage pads 
  • Sumps 
  • Vaults 
  • Processing pits 
  • Pre-cast pipes 
  • Pre-cast manholes 
  • Prefabricated structures 


Titan’s Fabrication and Installation Service

Concrete Protection Liner is prefabricated, and installed by Titan’s manufacturer-trained and IAGI certified technicians. 


Titan’s Value Added Service  

As a leader in geosynthetics, Titan works with engineering consulting firms and general contractors to provide sustainable product solutions that integrate into the design and construction of various wastewater management infrastructure projects. 

In addition to product supply and installation, we are happy to provide complimentary design assistance on select project types.


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