1/2 way through 2023 already!  Our team keeps growing, our services expanding and providing cost-effective and customized solutions to our customers remains at the heart of what we do!

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Looking for ways to reduce project costs and promote sustainability in underground stormwater management applications? Incorporating Low Impact Development (LID) in your designs with durable solutions such as arch chambers or modular tank systems is the answer.

The maintenance cost of ponds and the cost of land itself has made underground stormwater chambers and tanks a better long-term solution for developers and project owners.

In our latest Titan GeoChat, Amy Woods, explains how these two types of underground stormwater systems effectively adopt Low Impact Development (LID) best practices and mitigate water runoff.

They require less space than conventional methods like ponds or swales and better protect water sources.


✅ Customized sizing
✅ No on-site seaming = time and cost savings!
✅ Folded and packaged for easy installation.

Our fabricated geomembranes are custom prefabricated to your required dimensions with the highest quality control standards in the industry. Folded and packaged for easy installation our fabricated geomembranes come in a range of highly durable materials that are resistant to chemicals and environmental elements for a variety of projects.

Contact us today to talk fabrication: https://titanenviro.com/services/geosynthetic-fabrication/


Soil reinforcement solutions are needed in roadway projects to ensure performance, longer lifespan and prevent band-aid maintenance. This saves 💵!

Guess which 📷 used a Swamp Grid™ geogrid soil reinforcement solution!

ATV mudding can be fun….. but we don’t think that was the intent for this road 😉

Have a project in mind? Connect with us about Swamp Grid™ or Titan Earth Grid™!

Titan Water Management


Concrete Canvas® (CC) has unique material qualities that allow it to be used for a wide range of applications.

In this video, Rebecca Spitzer Inside Sales, Concrete Canvas® goes over the four installation principles that will help ensure a successful installation.

Check out the full installation principles guide here

Featured Case Studies

Mine Dam Closure

The client was looking for a long lasting and cost effective solution for this mine dam closure.  An impressive amount of Pyramat® was used in lieu of RipRap.  An impressive 484,376 SF (45,000 m2) of material was supplied and installed.

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Rail Stockpile Pad

50,694 SF (14,000 m2) of pre-seamed 40mil LLDPE geomembrane panels was used as a solution for this project.  The client required customized panel sizes to ensure the conveying of the contaminated soil was done safely and efficiently.

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Yard Subgrade Pre-Design

A cost-effective solution to fortify the site soil conditions and ensure the long-term performance of the subgrade for this lumber facility.  390,000 SF (36,232 m2) of Swamp Grid™ was supplied. The equivalent of almost 7 NFL football fields!

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Titan Swamp Grid

NEW Research & Innovation Underway!

This MITACS-funded research project led by Titan’s CTO of Geosynthetics, Sam Bhat (M.Eng., Tech Mgmt) ( MIGS), in collaboration with Dr. Marolo Alfaro (P.Eng), Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba focuses on experimental and numerical studies related to soil-reinforcement interaction of a novel type of geogrid-geotextile composite for road applications.

It will involve field tests and long-term monitoring.

New R&D Geogrid