Geogrids are an ideal solution for soil reinforcement and stabilization issues where soil properties are at risk of performance failures in various structures, such as roads, foundations, and retaining walls. 

Benefits of Using Geogrids: 

  • Easy and efficient installation 
  • Significant carbon emission reduction 
  • Significant cost savings 

While geogrids provide economical and environmentally friendly solutions to site-specific problems, determining the correct geogrid for the correct application is crucial for a successful installation and continued long-term performance.  

Before specifying geogrids in a project design there are 3 main categories of information geotechnical, civil and municipal engineers should understand: 

  1. The manufacturing process of the geogrid and the polymer used. 
  2. The geogrid properties. 
  3. Site-specific conditions each geogrid is designed to address. 

This information is essential to the long-term success of every project and always provided to engineers by our product and technical experts.

With all factors considered, Titan Earth Grid™ is identified as the best option for soft soil reinforcement and stabilization.  

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Titan Earth Grid™

Designed to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils, Titan Earth Grid™ performs optimally in site subgrades, railway ballasts, oil platform access roads, temporary military roads, mine haul roads, forestry and logging roads, coastal roads, and parking lots. 

Titan Earth Grid Manufacturing Process

Titan Earth Grid’s™ design accounts for specific application requirements related to soil reinforcement.  

It is manufactured out of virgin polypropylene (PP) using a unique punching and drawing process whereby the polypropylene sheet is stretched in two directions: machine (longitudinal) and cross-machine (transverse). This method increases the tensile strength and high tensile stiffness at low strains. Select from a range of ultimate tensile strength options, from 15 kN/m to 40 kN/m. Titan’s original manufacturing process is the best currently available practice, making Titan Earth Grid™ the best solution for optimal performance in the field.   

All Titan geogrids are designed and manufactured in-house at ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities. Our geogrids meet demanding QA/QC requirements and are continuously tested to rigorous ASTM standards, both in-house and by leading independent geosynthetics laboratories in North America.  

Close up image of a roll of Titan Earth Grid being applied for base reinforcement.

Titan Earth Grid Properties

Titan Earth Grid™ is designed with an optimal ultimate tensile strength, as it accounts for the breaking point of the geogrid in the field. In most cases the field conditions will not reach the requirements to exceed ultimate tensile strength, however a sustained loading is still experienced in these applications. This is why Titan Earth Grid™ is designed with optimal tensile strengths at 2% and 5% strain. The following properties should have the highest consideration for engineers:  

  • Short-term design strength 
  • Tensile modulus at low strains 
  • Aperture stability modulus 
  • Flexural stiffness    

The design and manufacturing process of Titan Earth Grid™ accounts for these properties, allowing Titan Earth Grid™ to create a strong mechanical interlock with soil particles in the granular layer. Titan Earth Grid™ ensures load distribution at a wide angle, which minimizes the bearing pressure experienced.  

Importance of Site-Specific Design for Base Reinforcement

For base reinforcement applications, soil conditions are the most important factors to consider. Titan Earth Grid™ is best suited for base reinforcement applications with dry, low load bearing soils. Titan Earth Grid™ is most often used in the granular layer of soil to perform positive mechanical interlock. 

When granular material is compacted over Titan Earth Grid™, it partially penetrates and projects through the apertures. This creates a positive mechanical interlocking action between the particles and the grid, enabling the grid to resist horizontal shear from the fill and thereby mobilize the maximum bearing capacity on the soft subsoil. Titan Earth Grid™ is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environments and is not susceptible by aqueous solutions of salts, acids, or alkali. 

To ensure the efficient application of all Titan geogrids, installation guidelines are always provided to the contractor of the project. Site-specific instructions can also be developed through our pre-design service, so nothing is overlooked.

Image if Titan Earth Grid being applied for base reinforcement.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Titan works diligently to stay up to date with industry trends and adapt to rapidly changing conditions caused by climate change. When specified for the correct applications, using Titan Earth Grid™ for base reinforcement can save up to 40% of granular thickness, significantly reducing carbon emission and costs of the project.  

Selecting the Correct Geogrid Will Save You Money

By using Titan Earth Grid™ in the correct applications, the following design outcomes will provide immediate and long-term cost savings: 

  • Savings in quantity of granular material 
  • Reduction in excavation/undercut 
  • Better compaction of granular layers 
  • Faster construction 
  • Better performance, reduced maintenance, longer design life 

In order to achieve significant cost reductions, selecting the correct geogrid for site-specific conditions is essential.  

Pre-Design Support & Project Consultations

The importance of site-specific design cannot be overstated when incorporating geogrids into specs. Every application presents unique challenges that must be addressed in your design. Geosynthetic solutions perform exceptionally well when the correct geogrids are selected for an application.  

That’s why we offer FREE pre-design assistance for engineers looking to spec geogrids in their designs. Titan’s design specialists are happy to provide calculations that compare the conventional solution to your spec with the geogrid solution. The geogrid solutions are frequently more efficient and economical.  

Learn more about Titan Earth Grid™ from our product brochure: Titan Earth Grid™ Brochure 

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