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Yavapai County, Arizona

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Project Overview

In this application, Concrete Canvas ® (CC) GCCM* was specified by the United States EPA to line a drainage channel in Walker, located in the Yavapi County region of Arizona.

The aim of the project was to address an acid rock drainage issue that was occurring due to surface and storm water encountering mining contaminants.

The specified CC material was supplied by Concrete Canvas Ltd’s sales and distribution partner for Canada, Nuna Innovation Inc. 

Project Challenges

To initially address the problem, a channel had been created to capture the contaminated runoff water from four tailings piles at various points. The site was a former tailings pond which had undergone restoration several years ago. The cap and drainage system were in disrepair and no longer functioned, failing to isolate contaminants. Around 99% of the drainage channel around the tailings pile was unlined. Shotcrete had been used but had since deteriorated.  

This project was necessary to prevent hazardous chemicals from contaminating a residential area and a nearby creek. 

The Conventional Solution

Shotcrete was considered but due to the performance of the existing shotcrete, along with the cost, was rejected. A HDPE liner was also considered but would require extensive excavation to prepare the site, and specialist labour, which would both be costly.  

Titan’s Solution

Due to its ease of install, the lack of requirement for specialist labour and equipment and preparatory work, CC was specified. The material can also be installed in most weather conditions and would therefore not halt progress in wet or cold weather. 

Drainage Channel Repair: The Technical Breakdown

  • A simple profile was excavated on the upper portion of the channel to accommodate clean drain rock which would surround an 18” perforated pipe.  
  • A simple V-shaped channel was excavated in the lower section. Roots and vegetation were then removed from the channels and a 300mm anchor trench excavated on either side.  
  • CC was laid transversely, with layers overlapping by 100mm which were jointed using 19mm screws at 150mm intervals.  
  • Galvanised spikes, or ground pegs, measuring approximately 200mm were then used to secure the CC edges within the anchor trenches every 1m.  
  • The perforated pipe was then installed and surrounded by the drain rock following hydration of the material.  

Save Time and Money with Concrete Canvas ®

The project was completed in three days, with just 9 hours required to install the CC, by a team of 4. Had the client chosen to use HDPE, the installation would have taken 7-8 days, providing a time saving of 50-60% and a significant cost saving as a result.  

The client commented that CC was easier to use than they had anticipated, and it was ideal that they could hydrate a section and continue works on the next. HDPE would have caused delays as it would have to be inspected after installing before moving to the next section. 

What is Concrete Canvas®?

Concrete Canvas ® is part of a new class of construction material known as a Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM). A GCCM is a factory-assembled geosynthetic composite consisting of a cementitious layer contained within one or multiple layers of geosynthetic materials. The cementitious portion of the GCCM becomes hardened when properly hydrated to be used for erosion control and weed suppression. 

CC® is a flexible, concrete-filled impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll and allows concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment: just add water. The product is typically used to replace conventional concrete (in-situ, precast, or sprayed) for erosion control, remediation, and construction applications. 

Benefits of CC®

  • Rapid Install – CC can be laid at a rate of 200m2/hour, up to 10 times faster than conventional concrete solutions. 
  • Easy to Use – CC is available in man portable batch rolls for applications with limited access. The concrete is pre-mixed so there is no need for mixing, measuring or compacting. 
  • Lower Project Costs – quick and easy to install, Concrete Canvas® is more cost-effective than conventional concrete, with less logistical complexity. 
  • Eco-friendly – CC is a low mass, low carbon technology which uses up to 95% less material than conventional concrete for many applications. 
  • Durability – CC offers up to 120 years of performance life. Click here for durability certificate. 

Features of CC®

  • Waterproof – The PVC backing on one surface of the CC ensures that the material has excellent impermeability. 
  • Strong – CC has a 24-hour compressive strength of 50MPa. The fibre reinforcement prevents cracking, absorbs energy from impacts and provides a stable failure mode. 
  • Durable – CC is twice as abrasion resistant as standard OPC concrete, has excellent chemical resistance, good weathering performance and will not degrade in UV. 
  • Flexible – CC has good drape characteristics and will closely follow the ground profile and fit around existing infrastructure. Unset CC can be cut or tailored using basic hand tools. 
  • Fire & Chemical Resistant – CC has excellent high temperature performance and has been tested for reaction to fire.  It is also more resistant to aggressive compounds than standard OPC concrete. 

Concrete Canvas ® is used across a range of sectors including mining, oil & gas, agriculture and civil construction for a variety of applications. 

  • Channel/Ditch Lining 
  • Slope Protection and stabilization 
  • Bund Lining 
  • Concrete Remediation 
  • Weed Suppression 
  • Culvert Lining 
  • Outfall/Spillway Protection 
  • Gabion Protection 
  • Mining Vent Walls 
  • Pipe Protection 

Concrete Canvas ® comes in three formats, man-portable Batched Rolls, Bulk Rolls, and Wide Rolls.

Batch Rolls

  • Minor works. 
  • Restricted site access. 
  • Unavailability of plant. 
  • Stocking for reactive work. 


  • Man portable. 

Bulk Rolls

  • Major works. 


  • Material efficient (zero waste). 
  • Cost efficient. 
  • Transport efficient. 
  • Staggered production and delivery for specific projects. 

Wide Rolls

  • Major works. 
  • Straight uniform channels of constant profile. 


  • Increased installation rates. 
  • Reduced jointing. 
  • Reduced ancillary requirement. 

All Titan product solutions are backed by comprehensive engineering and specialized technical support. Using the latest and advanced design software, we work with engineers and consultants all over the world. 

Our skill sets go far beyond product supply and installation. We are happy to provide complimentary application specific preliminary designs. We can also provide detailed designing and working calculations including construction drawings, and crucial specification and installation details. 

Explore what Concrete Canvas® can do for you. Request a Project Consultation below to discuss the best solution for your next project. 

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