Big Things Happening at Titan USA!

Operations growth, team expansion, and new facility…

Breaking ground on our new facility in Houston, Texas, was a highlight in our previous newsletter and we’re thrilled to build on this by sharing more exciting news on the growth of our U.S. operations and expansion of the Titan USA team!  Read more on this and two new products in Titan USA’s portfolio focusing on projects in Texas and the Southwestern portion of the USA!

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When it comes to enhancing asphalt pavement performance, there are a variety of civil engineering reinforcement solutions to choose from.

  • What does the best job for asphalt base reinforcement, new construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation?
  • What matters most in paved infrastructure design?

Our civil design experts ‘pave the way’ to help you select the optimal product for your project and ensure you’re designing for success!

Asphalt Pavement Design Webinar

BIG NEWS:  Concrete Canvas® Just Got Better!

Concrete Canvas® continues to set the bar for GCCMs with new product names and a new formulation boasting lower carbon emission, higher performance, and alignment with ASTM D8364 compliance.

Have a look at this short video for the highlights.

CASE STUDY: Seaside Geogrid Application for MSE Wall in British Columbia

The following geogrid and geocell products were used to reduce construction time and costs, and ensure the structural integrity and longevity of an MSE wall for Parks Canada:

➡️ Geogrid reinforced soil pad consisting of Titan Earth Grid™ & Swamp Grid™ to increase the bearing capacity of subgrade.

➡️ 6 alternating layers of Pyramid Grid™ & Geocell were used to construct the MSE wall on top of soil pad.


Check out the detailed case study to see for yourself!

MSE Wall-Case study


In this Titan Tip, National Operations Manager, Lucky Montierro, talks about subgrade preparation requirements and provides guidelines for earthworks in landfill, lagoon, and pond construction projects.

Proper subgrade preparation is critical for efficient installation of geomembrane liner and ensures that this stage of the project can be executed without delays that can contribute to higher project costs for owners.

Got a BGM Project?  We’ve Got You covered!

Coletanche® BGM (Bituminous geomembrane) caters to public works, mining, and civil infrastructure construction projects in a wide range of applications from environmental protection to hydraulic structures and transportation.

Because it’s flexible it can adapt to any ground contour and absorb differential settlement. It has a long water tightness life and effectively resists the leaching of contaminants, making it an ideal solution for waste containment including landfill capping, mine capping, mine dam raise lining, and mine processing pond lining.

Click for a quick snapshot of the top 5 benefits of Coletanche® BGM.

Mining Innovations

Innovations in geosynthetics are extending the lifecycle of critical mining infrastructure and boosting operational efficiencies.

Our experts discuss the impact of cutting-edge engineered geosynthetic materials on the performance of underground mine tunnels, heap leach pads, spillways and channels, mine vent walls, and haul roads.

Get the facts on how these materials help increase mine productivity rates, reduce maintenance costs and improve underground mine safety.

Mining Webianrs

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