One of the important challenges of any government entity is the maintenance of civil infrastructure to ensure longevity and safety. Failure to develop the best project design creates a costly construction process that requires frequent rehabilitation after completion. A critical consideration in the design of a project is the soil condition on site.  

Titan offers several geotechnical solutions for clients looking for a construction process that saves time, money, and equipment. When approached by Parks Canada to rehabilitate a sinking pedestrian trail constructed on weak subgrade, Titan developed an innovative project design that consisted of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall. The following Titan products were required for the application: 

  • Pyramid Grid™ 
  • Titan Earth Grid™ 
  • Swamp Grid™ 
  • Geocell 

Before we dive into the specific Parks Canada MSE wall application, let’s cover the basics of our signature product: Pyramid Grid™. 

What is Pyramid Grid™?

Pyramid Grid™ uniaxial geogrids are specifically designed for soil reinforcement in applications such as retaining walls and steep slopes where soil strength develops uniaxially. Working to reinforce the soil and improve structural stability, they can be used alone or in combination with a range of facing elements.  

Pyramid Grid™ uniaxial geogrids are manufactured with high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarns using a precision knitting process. This geogrid is dimensionally stable with uniform apertures that provide significant tensile reinforcement capacity in one direction. A black PVC saturation coating provides further chemical, mechanical and ultraviolet protection. 

Engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in both harsh construction installation phases and aggressive soil environments, expect the following benefits from Pyramid Grid™: 

  • Up to 60% in material and time savings compared to conventional reinforced concrete and gravity structures. 
  • High resistance to dynamic shock loading and seismic activity. 
  • High connection capacity strength between facing and the grid. 
  • Use of on-site fill. 
  • Can be used with a wide range of facing options. 
  • Ability to withstand differential settlement. 
  • Fast, easy, and economical construction. 

The “Conventional” Approach

The conventional approach to address the presence of weak subgrade and a sinking trail at the Parks Canada location may have consisted of the following: 

  • Construct an MSE wall using steel strip polymeric straps in stages = Increase in total construction time & cost inflation.  
  • Construct a concrete retaining wall = Susceptible to rebar corrosion, cracking, and reduction in longevity. 

The Titan Approach using Pyramid Grid™

Titan recognized that an MSE wall was most suitable for this application. The strength and integrity of an MSE wall is essential to successful construction.  

We proposed a superior solution that would ensure higher performance of the MSE wall, speed up construction and reduce project costs.  Titan offered the application design. Our simple solution involved: 

  • Constructing a geogrid reinforced soil pad to increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade.  
  • Constructing the MSE wall over top of the completed soil pad using Pyramid Grid™ for soil reinforcement and geocell to provide an aesthetic vegetated facing along with erosion control. 

The application designed by Titan was cost effective and allowed for construction to be completed regardless of weather conditions, providing a timely solution to Parks Canada that removed the risk of costly future performance errors. 

Construction of layer 1, showing Pyramid Grid™ and Geocell

Many Uses for Pyramid Grid™

Pyramid Grid™ is used across a range of sectors and industries for various applications, including but not limited to: 

  • Vegetated retaining walls 
  • Steep reinforced slopes 
  • Embankments on soft subgrades 
  • Bridge abutments 
  • Veneer reinforcement 
  • Earth Bund around oil tanks 
  • Railway embankments 
  • Landfill expansion 

Using Pyramid Grid™ on your next project

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