We blinked and the first quarter of 2023 is behind us already!  

A new Titan brick-and-mortar office and stockyard has opened and our team has grown by 16 since mid-February alone! 

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📢Moderating Environmental Challenges in the Mining Sector

Global Business Report (GBR) caught up with Juice Lambert, President of Titan Environmental Containment to talk about Titan’s footprint in moderating some of the environmental challenges that mining companies are facing.

Juice Lambert Interview GBR

NEW TO OUR PRODUCT LINE-UP!  Multi-Flow™ Drainage System & Stormwater Management Systems

Unwanted water can be destructive and costly. 

Whether it’s a sports field, a landfill site, railroad yards, or an urban development, an effective water management design solution is imperative to the success of the project. 

Our experts assist engineers, general contractors, and project managers design the best-suited solutions in water management!

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Titan Water Management

Railbed Stabilization:  A Baselok™ GeoCell Solution

A Railbed Stabilization solution was needed on a rail that was experiencing subgrade failure.

The best solution for this project was BaseLok™ GeoCell. Custom size-geocell panels were secured with cable locks and the cells were filled with sub-ballast rock (see video).

📌 The use of Geocell reduced the required aggregate thickness from 6 feet to 2.63 feet!

See full case study here ➡ https://titanenviro.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Railbed-Stabilization-Geocell-1.pdf

Custom Fabrication Specialists!

With established fabrication facilities in both Canada and the USA,  and extensive stock of materials, we offer specialty fabricated geosynthetic products for a variety of environmental projects.


    • Pipe boots (sloped and vertical) are required for lining projects.
    • Ballast tubes to prevent wind uplift in lining projects.
    • Geotextile tubes for dewatering/desludging of sites.
    • Sand tubes for erosion control needs.
    • Pop-up containment units for temporary liquid storage, or spill containment needs.
    • Access ladders for steep slope projects.
    • Baffle curtains to control water flow in aquatic projects.
    • Check valves for prevention of gas or water vapor accumulation under liners.
    • Gas/air vents for prevention of gas or water vapor accumulation under liners.

Cool Tool Alert – Concrete Canvas® Carbon Calculator!

You can now calculate your CO2 savings with the Concrete Canvas® Carbon Calculator

How much can you save by using Concrete Canvas for your next project?

There is a Major Role for Engineers in the Decarbonization of Infrastructure Construction Projects

Our recent Virtual Roundtable Sustainability & Climate Change Trends in Infrastructure Constructionfeaturing an impressive panel of industry experts, focused on the importance of net-zero initiatives and implementing sustainable and resilient practices for civil infrastructure construction.

We followed up with our guest panelists to answer the many questions that rolled in during and after the session.

The key topics were:

The Impact of Raw Materials: What the mining industry is doing to make critical raw materials more sustainable?

Mitigating Climate Change: Why are  Engineers adopting Envision as a leading sustainability framework?

Adapting to Changing Climates: How are Engineers rethinking winter roads in Northern climate?

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