Spillways are the safety belt of a mining project. They are not always needed, but when they are, it’s imperative they perform as planned.  When a spillway does not perform, there can be serious repercussions relating to degradation of the mine and land pollution. 

Conventional concrete solutions, such as Shotcrete (poured concrete with an applied coating) or Rip Rap (permanent, erosion-resistant ground cover of large, loose, angular stone), can be applied to these spillways for soil stabilization and sediment protection; however, they are often more time-consuming, costly, require specialized equipment, and are less effective in extreme weather conditions. Luckily with new innovations in geosynthetics, mining spillways can be sealed more efficiently and will last longer, despite varying environments and weather conditions.

Channel Lining & Erosion Protection

When the construction of spillways is underway, it is imperative to account for the careful planning and mitigation of erosion and sediment runoff on the project sites with channel-lining solutions. This is important for environmental protection, and for the health and safety of the crew working on the site.

A Better Solution that Meets the Spec: Concrete Canvas®

Concrete Canvas® is a flexible, concrete-filled geosynthetic material. Upon hydration, Concrete Canvas® hardens to form a thin, durable concrete layer that is both low-carbon and completely waterproof. Think of it as concrete on a roll that allows concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment.

More Protection for Your Spillway

  • Extreme Durability in various weather conditions
  • Ease of Installation
  • No Specialized equipment Required
  • Environmentally Friendly

Concrete Canvas® is highly regarded for its ease of installation and overall effectiveness. It is highly durable even in extreme weather conditions, containing two times the abrasion resistant and up to 120 years of performance life, compared to standard OPC concrete.

It is simple to install – simply unroll the concrete-on-a-roll, anchor it down, seal, & add water. It does not require machinery or specialized workers – this means that your team will be able to implement this product with ease, even in the most remote locations in all working conditions.

Lastly, Concrete Canvas® is more environmentally friendly than its leading competitors with its low mass, low carbon technology that uses up to 95% less material*.

Concrete Canvas® in Action: Eagle Gold Mine (Yukon, Canada)

The Eagle Gold Mine operated by Victoria Gold, located in northern Yukon, approximately 200km from the Alaskan Border included two major spillways. The local area is subjected to seasonal variance of 20° to -30°C. With such extreme and wide range of weather conditions, finding a lasting solution that meets the specs can be difficult.

Image of Eagle Gold Mine in Yukon, Canada

When it was time to replace the conventional concrete spillway, other traditional alternatives to Concrete Canvas® were considered, namely poured concrete with an applied coating and Rip Rap. These alternative were decided against due to concerns about the logistical requirements and installation rates.

Instead, Concrete Canvas® (CC) GCCM* was installed at Eagle Mining in May of 2019 to act as an erosion control liner for the two spillways. The onsite contractor installed the material at a rate of 750 – 850m² per day in temperatures of 15°C. The area can reach lows of -30° in winter.

Download Case Study: Concrete Canvas® Eagle Gold Mine Spillway (Yukon, Canada)

Many uses for Concrete Canvas®

Concrete Canvas® is used across a range of sectors of the mining industry for a variety of applications. Including but not limited to:

  • Channel/Ditch Lining
  • Slope Protection and Stabilization
  • Bund Lining
  • And much more!

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